Loss Aversion (E​.​P)

by Loss Aversion

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released August 13, 2015

Recorded by Daniel Mager in Toronto, ON August 9, 2015
Album art by Ashlee Hutchinson in Oshawa, ON August 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Loss Aversion Oshawa, Ontario


Loss Aversion is:
Tyler: Lead Guitar + Vox
John: Bass
Ryan: Rhythm Guitar

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Track Name: Greed
Unwanted buildings, Unwanted lives
Greed, larger than you and I
Corporate greed, Corporate lies
Building up, tearing down
Changing focus, by the hour
Fueled by greed of the masses
stupid people in stupid classes
people wanting, can't say no
companies shove it down their throats
Track Name: Bad Energy
What do I have to pay?
For something not worth it anyway
And - what do I have to take
To break through all this Bad Energy
Cause - I'm a bomb, ready to go off
Maybe I'm just a freak
who can't stand up for my own dignity
Or - maybe I'm just afraid of my own sanity
Track Name: Clear Headed
I got reminded of who I am (clear headed)
I was having second thought (clear headed)
Now I know whats real
I feel so clear headed
I can actually feel
Now I feel insane
I don't feel myself
First I shake
Now I feel uncomfortable in my skin
I hope this image
stays clear in your mind
Track Name: Slacker
I'm standing in the shadows
Avoiding all the prying eyes
Biding my time
away from politics and lies
No good to anyone
just a waste of space
A slacker to everyone
just a big disgrace
Waiting for it all to fail
waiting for the end
waiting for it all to fail
waiting for the end.....your demise
Track Name: Insecurities
Insecurities X 4
So Insecure / Why do you feel so insecure?
So insecure / You have enough but you want more
So insecure / Always thinking I want yours
So insecure / Why do you feel so insecure?
Why do you feel so insecure?
Complements don't hit your ears
Troubled by the constant fear
You always feel insecure!